Welcome to Stuart Petroleum Testers Inc.

Stuart Petroleum Testers Inc. was started in 1987 with 2 primary office locations. The main office has always been located in Brenham, Texas. Its other location was in Victoria, Texas. We consider ourselves 1 of only 2 full service testing companies that is even in business today. All the rest of our competitors are flow back companies only.

We specialize in providing the following services to our customers:

  • Production testing to 15,000#
  • Manual manifold frac-flowback to 15,000#
  • Hydraulic manifold frac-flowback to 15,000#
  • Acoustical fluid levels
  • Pressure recording equipment & rentals
  • Orifice well testers
  • Pressure testing to 20,000#
  • Slickline trucks capable of full service
    (including B.H.P. analysis to 15,000#)
  • Laboratory services
    (which can provide gas analysis through C-10s,
    H2S determinations, ASTM distillations and
    prepare all R.R.C. reports)

Scott Yariger serves as President of the corporation. He has 40 years experience in well testing and slickline work. Kyle Duge serves as Vice President, and he has 25 years experience in the same areas. Each office is headed up by a qualified experienced district manager with assistants. Each of those managers are supervised by 1 operations manager, and he answers to the owners. We have discovered that by staffing each of our locations in this manner, it enables our company to deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Stuart Petroleum Testers Inc. strives to provide the best trained service operators in the industry. The company also initiates one of the best safety programs that can be found anywhere. The company has 2 safety coordinators whose sole jobs are focused on maintaining safe working conditions for its employees.

Stuart Petroleum Testers Inc. is very capable of performing any testing, flow-back, or slickline service that its customers may need. We have flowed wells with surface pressures in excess of 14,000#, gas rates of 101,000 MCF/D, and fluid rates to 500 BBLS/Hr. All reports are generated at each job site and can be e-mailed from location to our customers per their instructions. Our company will adapt to any situation or circumstance we may encounter and will deliver to our customers the good service they deserve in a safe fashion.

All questions or inquiries can be directed to Stuart Petroleum Testers Inc. by contacting us at our toll free number 1-800-695-4865.